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“My fascination in the alchemy of melting wax & mixing with fragrant oils began some time ago! After continuous experimentations with new combinations (try and say that quickly !) I decided it might be fun to create a place to share my ‘creations’….and so commucci was born…. but fragrance being the silent language it is I thought it may be intriguing to have a visual image identifying the unique character of each perfume ! I was aware of the artist Rimel Neffati, and after sending her the idea ( + the smells) for a collaboration I am pleased to say her strong, otherworldly self-portrait images are now the face of each of my candles & perfumes.”


“I found my way into photography around a decade ago, not long after did I realise that self-portraits were to become my focus. It is the inventiveness part which I love, finding ideas, developing a style, being connected with art & spending hours and days editing my photographs…when I heard from Lu, her concept was original and represented exactly how I wanted to associate my photographs with a product, I was totally inspired.”

Rimel Neffati 

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