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“My obsession with the alchemic possibilities of melting wax & mixing with fragrant oils creating new atmospheres began some time ago. Continuously experimenting with new combinations & alliances, it seemed a natural step forward to create a place to share my creations….commucci was born…. but fragrance being the silent language it is, I needed more to tell the story – a visual image identifying each unique character. I was aware of the artist Rimel Neffati, and after sending her the idea for a collaboration her strong, otherworldly self-portrait images are now the face of each of my candles.”

Commucci represents a world of visual & olfactory experience, my world & maybe yours

– we live because we breathe & as we breathe we smell –

Luisa x

“I found my way into photography around a decade ago, not long after did I realise that self-portraits were to become my focus. It is the inventiveness part which I love, finding ideas, developing a style, being connected with art & spending hours and days editing my photographs……when a window for creativity & opportunity is open I must jump in!

I had been evolving with my art for almost 8 years when I heard from Luisa, her concept was original and represented exactly how I wanted to associate my photographs with a product, I was totally inspired.”

Rimel Neffati x

One September evening in the late 70’s in Milan’s Quadrilatero D’Oro, a tall and impeccably elegant man entered the richly luminous atmosphere of Il Baretto. An electric hush fell over the restaurant as he walked past the tables of the city’s elite, a woman of remarkable beauty at his side.  Gentlemen discreetly adjusted heavy crested cufflinks, aware that the evening had in that instant become another story to savour later over drinks, women shifted imperceptibly in their seats and assumed an air of chic nonchalance hoping to catch his eye. At an international table, a renowned actor, until that moment enjoying the rapt attention of his guests, followed their interrupted gaze and turned to ask of his leading lady, “Who is that man?”. Before she could answer, the man in question stood and invited the diners at every table to join him in a toast to the beauty of his companion.

…the actress raising her glass, smiled knowingly and whispered, “That my dear, is Giancarlo Commucci.”